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Join a gym that is that is authentic, passionate and supportive. Whether you’ve just begun your training or have been a member for years, we've got what you need.



$55 — Fortnight

No lock in contracts. No joining fees

Casual visit: $20

Upfront Memberships

1 month $130

2 months $ 250

3 months $350

6 months $650

12 months $1200

Body Transformation Challenge



Get into the best shape of your life, join our unique 28-35 day challenge and you could be on the way to feeling and looking better than you have for a while.

Achieve results fast, wit the easy to use manual which orovides all the information, tips and advice required. The program also includes the invaluable support from our experienced personal trainers.



The ultimate fitness program provides participants with the most comprehensive, up to date and easy to follow nutrition guide. It includes nutrition guidelines and helpful facts about portion size, carbohydrate protein, fat and is a realistic approach without the false hype.

Training Sessions

The Body Transformation Training is a 4 session per week commitment minimum, so preparation is essential but with motivation and organisation it is very achievable. Participants also get to train in specifically designed sessions with a trainer during the course.



Member: $160

Non-member: $250




Paramount Bootcamp is a program that gets reasonably fit people fitter and is designed to provide a never ending variety of fitness challenges that have been tried and tested.

The program has 4 key elements of fitness

Cardio, Endurance, Strength, Core

Each course offers 4 levels of fitness:

Alpha/Bravo - 4.30 min/km pace (13-15kph)

Charlie - 4.50 min/km pace (12-14kph)

Delta - 5.30 min/km pace (11-13kph)

Base Camp - 6.00 min/km pace (10-11kph) less running


Each session follows a methodology that is run by qualified, experienced and very fit trainers.

We will lead you, we will motivate you and we will keep you accountable for your results. If you don't like to hear the truth about sacrifices you must make to get fit, don't even consider signing up.



Tuesday - 5:45am

Saturday - 6:45am


Cost: Course cost is generally based on the duration but typically sessions average out to be around $12-$18 each.


Dates/Locations: Please call 93 262 688 or email