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As you may know we have been running Boot Camp for nearly 18 years ( 74 courses) and the success we have had over these years, the lives we have helped / changed, the friends we have made are all something we are greatly appreciative and grateful for.

There comes a time however that things must change / evolve to suit the ever changing climate of our industry and more so the participants and facilitators .

We can’t thank the participants and instructors enough for making this program such a success thus far, what we have achieved over the 18 years is far beyond what we could have ever imagined.

Our final course in its current structure with Platoons will be at the end of this year (dates to be announced but most likely late October)

You are invited to join us for the this final Hoorah which will be more like a send-off course to honour the culture and people of Paramount Boot Camp.

There are several reasons that has collectively led us (Reece, Brent and Caz) to this decision and you can be rest assured they are all justified as we look ahead into the future for Paramount Health and Fitness Club as we plan our next 15 years of successful programming.

So where to from here?

Instead of running 5-8 week courses we are going to run BOOT CAMP events / Blitz days, weekends with a predetermined date and location. This will be planned around a certain type of theme such as adventure run, endurance, survival, team work, beach, overnight etc, the plan is to run 2-3 per year.

This will give participants something to train for and we will still run some outdoor sessions that will keep those of you in the Boot Camp loop connected and these will be of a casual arrangement and announced in advance via various means of communication.


Body Transformation Challenge




DATES: July 21st to September 1st  (6 weeks) 

FORMAT-1 x S.A.S (Strength and Sculpt) plus 2 classes every week. Body scans available before and after the course on offer.

COST: Members-$70.00 Non Members $180.00 

BODY SCANS: 1 scan $35.00 or 2 scans $60.00

INCLUDES: Accountability sheets, basic nutrition, prompt motivation via text, access to Pop up sessions,Face book closed group access, prizes at the end for best results and much more!