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Bootcamp 74 will begin on the 21st of April and will run until the 2nd of June.

2 sessions will run per week - Tuesday 5:45am and Saturday 6.45am.

Cost is $220 member and $300 non member. There are no half course options.

How this course is structured: 

There are no Platoons but SQUADS instead, these are Teams of mixed fitness levels.

There is a running component at the start of each session, this will be 20 minutes on a Tuesday, and 30 minutes on Saturday, this will be how we start each session. You can jog / run or even walk but you must be back at the rendezvous area by the set time to begin the team work and or conditioning drills for the remainder of the session.

There will be no set Platoons but instead you can form small groups and run together or run with us or follow your own or our pre determined route and go at your own pace.

Training Times:
Tuesdays for 50-60 minutes AND Saturdays for 75 minutes. Don’t be fucking late!!

Participants must wear the uniform to every session or there will be a penalty. This can be Cammo or Army green or anything that has Paramount Boot Camp on it....Dont have one? Get off your ass and go buy one.

What you can expect:

Team work
Physical achievement sometimes resulting in pain but ending in triumph!!


Some training techniques:

Hill Training / Stair Workouts
Leg Strengthening Workouts
Endurance Work
Muscular Strengthening & Interval Training for Speed

Stamina Building


Don’t commit to this course unless you are 100% committed we don’t want people that are half assed or wont make the effort to respect our time and other peoples efforts.

You are no more important than your Team Squad members and no one gives a fuck about how busy or tired you are. You are either on the course to do it 100% or not at all.

Excuses and reasons are not the same make sure you know the difference.

Make sure you have paid your course fee before starting or there will be an extra $50 added for lateness.



The next BTC for 2018 will run from April 28th till the 2nd of June.

Cost is $140 members or $240 Non-Members.

Book in your session: Mondays at 6pm or Wednesday at 6am. Limited spaces

There will also be an all in Strength session on Sundays at 8am.

This program will be going back to the old school style of Met Con training by mixing Cardio with heavy weights for turbo charged fat burning.

Inbody scans are recommend and cost $30 each time.