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Specifics on the next bootcamp and it’s structure will come in the New Year so keep an eye out for more details in the coming months.

Instead of running 5-8 week courses we are going to run BOOT CAMP events / Blitz days, weekends with a predetermined date and location. This will be planned around a certain type of theme such as adventure run, endurance, survival, team work, beach, overnight etc, the plan is to run 2-3 per year.

This will give participants something to train for and we will still run some outdoor sessions that will keep those of you in the Boot Camp loop connected and these will be of a casual arrangement and announced in advance via various means of communication.


Body Transformation Challenge



The first BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE will start on Feb 9th and to run for 5 weeks and this is going to be offered in 2 formats…

The class based format where you do classes as your training and follow several guidelines, checklist and accountability over the 5 weeks. There are only 70 places for this so be quick.

The cost for this is $80 for members and $180 for non-members

This format is an advanced program and is open to those that have extensive weight training experience or have done more than 1 BTC in the upstairs gym before , there will be a high expectation on nutrition, accountability and homework. (Almost like an indoor Boot Camp) There are only 16 places for each time slot which is Monday night at 6pm or 7pm

Body scans for this format are compulsory.

The course cost is $160 for members and $280 for non-members. This does not include the scan costs which is $35 each scan.