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para-BOOTCAMP 2.0

THE CRUCIBLE…6 weeks…20 challenges…not all will make it.

It’s coming……..An all new format with more team work, more commitment and better results.

Only 80 places available

The course will be constructed from mixed fitness levels to create a “Squad”, this “Squad” will be made up from 2 groups “The Recon Platoon” and the “Troops” To be eligible for the final challenge award “The Crucible” you must attend all 13 sessions which will be held on:

Tuesdays 5.45am and Saturdays 6.45am (Each session will be completed as a Squad with specific tasks given to each group. Participants will be given 2 Redemption’s to use in case of absence to any session.

To top this off a total of an extra 7 sessions must completed from Paramount classes over the 6 weeks.

Prerequisite to participate: Due to the nature of the session structures, participants must have the ability to run at least 1klm non stop

Stay tuned for a detailed itinerary starting November 9th.


Member of Paramount $199.00 plus $30.00 for uniform

Non member of Paramount $260.00 plus $30.00 for uniform


Body Transformation Challenge



The next BODY CHALLENGE date June 1st for 4 weeks and again on July 15th for 4 weeks

The class based format where you do classes as your training and follow several guidelines, checklist and accountability over the 4 weeks.

The cost for this is $70 for members and $180 for non-members

Body Scans optional