paramount body transformation challenge


Saturday July 22nd to Saturday September 2nd (6weeks)

What is it?

This challenge is a 6 week intra club program designed to keep you motivated throughout winter and on track with your nutrition and training.

How does it work?

Each week you will need to attend 1 of 3 S.A.S sessions held on Wed 5.30pm, Friday 6am or Sunday at 12.30pm. You are also required to do an extra 2 sessions per week in addition to this; these can be classes or PT sessions. You are able to train more than this if you like.


Each week we will focus on an element of nutrition such as protein intake, water consumption, alcohol intake and you will be sent regular reminders via text message to help you stay on track.

In addition to this each week we will release extra nutrition information such as recipes ect.

Body Scans:

These are optional but highly recommended to keep you accountable to achieving results. Each scan costs $30.00 and can be done at the start of the course on Saturday the 22nd of July or the end on the 2nd of September or both.

What type of results should I expect?

The program focus will be mostly on maintaining or increasing lean muscle tissue while decreasing and or maintaining Body fat percentage.

Extra Motivation:

There will be a lot of people doing this program and we will have a Face Book page specifically set up for it, the Paramount Staff will also be participating so you can expect some healthy competition along with many Personal training offers and extra training sessions being offered.

We will be awarding prizes to those achieving the best results and there will be an end of course celebration on Saturday the 2nd of September.


Members: $80.00 (doesn’t include scans)

Non-Members: $180.00 (Includes 6 weeks membership, doesn’t include scans)


Must be made and paid for at reception by July 18th.