We are in the business of building a culture with real people getting real results through physical training

Welcome to Paramount Health and Fitness club.
When you walk through the doors you won’t be greeted with bells and whistles but you will be greeted with a smile and a hello.
For 18 years we have believed the important things in life are simple which is why this Introduction is to the point, otherwise you probably wouldn’t read it.

We are authentic with no hidden agendas, our members are everyday people that believe being healthy and physically fit is Paramount to enjoying life.

You do not have to be fit to start, you do have to be willing to trust us and be able to try your best most of the time. We offer a variety of training methods with a high focus on Cross Training in 40 -90 minute formats.

We keep up to date with the latest techniques, methods being used in the fitness industry by offering a fully equipped functional Gym and Cardio area along with Personal training, group Fitness training, Body Transformation challenges, Boot Camps and many other programs.

We love a bit of friendly banter and telling jokes to disguise some of the hard work we do together.  it goes hand in hand with our friendly culture.

We sell our Club with experiences and results, not false facades promising false expectations and results,  we also rely on our members and patrons to spread the word because we believe people will believe you before they will us.

No tricks, no contracts, no pressure. Try a 14 day trial before you make any decision. 

We ask that all members / patrons use a towel, deodorant and respects everyone’s comfort, we take pride in keeping our facility spotless and functional 

We invite you to experience our Health Club with your first visit on us!
Contact us now and we will happily provide a free Visit Pass.

See you at the club.
Brent, Carolyn, Reece
Paramount Ownership Team